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24 April 2018

Vertical Centrifugal Casting

Vertical centrifugal casting is a process during which fused metal is casted in a vertical centrifuge put in a deep well. Contact Us
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10 April 2018

Vertical centrifugal machine

We have installed a new vertical centrifugal machine, to realize This technique allows to obtain a very hard product, resistant to wear and resistant to thermic fatigue. DISCOVERDISCOVER
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26 October 2017

Introducing Video

For more than 40 years we handle non-ferrous metal’s fusing, through centrifugation or sand casting, to obtain castings of specific mechanical pieces and installations. CONTACT USCONTACT US
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21 July 2017

Our products

Complete fused and final products designed for the customer, ready to use. Dimensional and visual controls, beyond the possibility of penetrating liquid execution and ultrasound. DISCOVERDISCOVER
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21 July 2017

Non-ferrous metal foundry

For more than 40 years we handle non-ferrous metal’s fusion, through centrifugation or sand casting, to obtain mechanical blastings of…

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21 July 2017

New website online

Welcome on the new Bronzitaly website!