6 centrifuges battery.

Fusion dimension by new centrifuge on vertical axle – maximum external diameter 2000 mm height 1000 mm everything in line with the total weight 2500 kg.
Centrifugal casting is a process through which fused metal is casted, through a ladle, in a a high speed rotated mould, kept against the borders thanks to the centrifugal force generated.

Centrifugal jets have mechanical features and a superior compactness if compared to those derived from static procedures in sand. In the used moulds, it is possible to modify the geometry through small dents but always keeping symmetry to the rotation axle.
There are two types of centrifuges: vertical ones are for medium and big dimension, while horizontal ones are for long castings.

This type of casting is specific for mechanical circular parts as it owns many advantages: the centrifugal force allows to expel impurity, compact the alloy and eliminate further cracks, to give the molecular structure of the casting a circular shape.  There is an improvement in the possibility to obtain a more precise finishing degree during the mechanical manufacturing, the absence of casting sands prevent any inclusions in the casting.