Bonomi Foundry is a production unit associated to Brnzitaly, founded in 1972. It has been raised as a chill casting foundry and as a high speed centrifugation foundry of non-metal alloys; during the years it has constantly evolved in the creation process of tools and specialized castings, that currently allow the centrifugation of barrels, pipes and every specific mould requested by the customer.
Bonomi foundry guarantees a very fast production even of big lots thanks to its range of centrifugation machines.
It is able to build up high quality moulds, in order to satisfy all the customer’s requests and obtain castings characterized by the minor oversize metal to facilitate other manufactures such as multiple milling.

Bonomi Foundry is able to satisfy any scrupulous customer thanks to the selection and use of certified materials, produced by refineries, and so guaranteed by chemical and physical certificates.
A control process is followed during the casting in order to control the temperatures and to get compact materials without porosity.


Via Fogazzaro, 6/8 25016 GHEDI (BS) – ITALY
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  Tel. +39  030 9031680

  Fax: +39 030 9031427